Share Savings Account

Investing a small amount in a share savings account buys you a share of Metco Credit Union and makes you a member-owner. This also enables you to take advantage of all the products and services Metco has to offer.

  • Small initial deposit to open your membership
  • FREE unlimited withdrawals
  • Interest earned if you maintain a minimum balance
  • Convenient withdrawal through a Privileged Status ATM (new window/tab) or electronic banking

Open a new membership today!

Special Savings Accounts

Open additional savings accounts to help you save for “special” goals — such as a new home, a family vacation, or even something as simple as a pair of brand-name shoes!  To open additional savings accounts, simply call or stop in to our office, or login to Online Banking and open your accounts on-the-spot!

Debit Card Round-Up Savings

Stretch your dollars a little farther…and set-aside some cash to save or spend.

Sign-up for Metco’s Debit Card Roundup Savings program and every purchase you make with your Metco debit card will round-up your purchases to the next whole dollar amount, making it easier to track your spending AND set aside a little cash to save or spend.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us to participate in the Debit Card Round-Up Savings program.
  2. Make any Point-of-Sale purchase (“swipe and sign” your receipt rather than entering your PIN) with your Metco debit card.
  3. After each purchase, a separate transfer will automatically be made in to the the savings account of your choice that is equal to the difference between your purchase amount and the next whole dollar amount. (So, if your debit purchase amount is $15.49, a transfer of 51¢ will be made to your Round-Up Savings account in order to round up your funds to $16.00.)
  4. The funds in your Round-Up Savings account are yours to keep or spend!

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