Shared Branching

Visit the CO-OP Shared Branching site (new window/tab) to locate a CO-OP Shared Branch near you, or to download the CO-OP Shared Branch mobile app for iPhone & Android.

 CO-OP Shared Branch
Personalized service is a major benefit of banking at Metco Credit Union, and you don’t have to sacrifice convenience to get it. Take advantage of Metco Credit Union’s shared branching services through CO-OP Shared Branch (new window/tab) and you can access your account at any of 5,000+ credit union branches nationwide, often just as if you were visiting one of our own.

How does Shared Branching work?

The national CO-OP Shared Branch network (new window/tab) links participating credit unions electronically, allowing credit union members to do “branch banking” even when the branch near you doesn’t belong to Metco Credit Union. This is a huge benefit to Metco Credit Union members who travel, whose workplaces don’t coincide with our branch locations, or who simply enjoy the convenience of expanded access. Wherever you are across the country, chances are good there’s a shared branch near you. View our Shared Branching FAQs below.

What is Shared Branching?

Shared branching is a cooperative service whereby participating credit union members can conduct basic teller transactions in person at a location other than their credit union.

What is a CO-OP Shared Branch?

A CO-OP Shared Branch is a credit union or stand-alone facility that welcomes members from participating credit unions to conduct teller transactions. CO-OP Shared Branches serve members of all participating credit unions.

What transactions can I perform at a CO-OP Shared Branch?

  • Make deposits and withdrawals
  • Make loan payments
  • Receive loan advances
  • Access MasterCard® funds

What accounts will I be able to conduct transactions on?

In most cases, you will be able to conduct transactions on savings, share draft (checking), money market, and loans.

What are the differences between a CO-OP Shared Branch and my credit union?

A CO-OP Shared Branch is an extension of your credit union, butCO-OP Shared Branches only process teller transactions.

What information do I need to bring with me to conduct a transaction at a CO-OP Shared Branch?

In order to conduct a transaction at a CO-OP Shared Branch you must bring your credit union name and member number. Additionally you must present a non-expired, non-mutilated identification. You will also be asked for the last four digits of your social security number. If your ID does not match the address on the system, you will also be asked to verify your current address.

What forms of identification are acceptable?

  • US or Canada State Issued Driver’s License
  • US or Canada State Issued Identification
  • Passport
  • US Military Identification
  • Alien Registration Card or Green Card
  • Matricula Consular Card

What if I forget to bring my member number?

CO-OP Shared Branches do not have the ability to search for your member number. In the event you forget your member number, you may request to use a courtesy telephone at the CO-OP Shared Branch to call your credit union.

What if I forget to bring my identification?

Current identification is required to process any transaction at a CO-OP Shared Branch.

What if I don’t want to provide the last four digits of my social security number?

CO-OP Shared Branches are required to ask for the last four digits of your social security number to help prevent fraud. You may want to write these numbers unmarked on your transaction form so the teller doesn’t have to ask you for that information out loud.

How long does it take the transaction to reach my account?

Transactions conducted at a CO-OP Shared Branch appear immediately on your account. There is no time delay.

How can I find a CO-OP Shared Branch?

There are over 4,500 CO-OP Shared Branches nationally and internationally.  Find the location nearest you (new window/tab).

What information can’t I get from a CO-OP Shared Branch?

CO-OP Shared Branches cannot answer specific questions about an account, conduct any type of lending, open new accounts or services, provide information or conduct transactions over the telephone, or order checks. Please contact your credit union directly for such items.

Is there going to be a hold placed on my CO-OP Shared Branch deposit?

CO-OP Shared Branches do not place holds on deposited items. It is your credit union that decides whether or not a hold will be placed. You received a “Funds Availability Disclosure” from your credit union sometime in the past, most likely when you opened your account. This document tells you about holds on deposits. Please contact your credit union with any questions you might have regarding funds availability.


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