Stay In-The-Know

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Our Latest COVID-19 Updates:


Our lobby is now OPEN! However, to ensure the safety of our members and staff, there will be a few new procedures when you enter.
  • Face coverings are required
  • Please use the “distancing” floor decals & maintain a 6 foot distance from others
  • Use our hand sanitizers when you enter & leave the lobby
  • Let’s wave or bump elbows in lieu of hand shakes
  • Limit appointments to no more than 2 members
  • No guests under age 16
  • Our restrooms are not available at this time

Other Ways to do Business with Us:

In-Person & Virtual Appointments: We will continue taking in-person and virtual appointments for loans and new member account openings, however walk-ins are also welcome. You can self-schedule your appointment or call us at 319.398.5007.

Drive-Up Service: Our drive-up will remain open for your convenience and we can serve nearly all of your needs.
Online & Mobile Services: You can access your accounts using our variety of online & mobile services.
If you feel ill, are running a fever, or have been exposed to COVID-19, please do not enter our lobby for any reason. 


We are reopening our lobby for in-person appointments to open new memberships & loans only. However, both of these services can be done via phone and/or video conferencing as well. Our drive-up remains open for all services, and much of your banking can be done with our online, mobile & electronic services. 


Avoid Coronavirus-Related Scams

The rapid pace of change surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak has created an environment of confusion for many. Unfortunately, there are already reports of thieves trying to capitalize on that uncertainty in hacking and phishing attacks. As you seek out the coronavirus information, be sure to use your best judgement and keep the following in mind…

Make sure your source is reputable. Scammers are now sharing social media links that claim to provide COVID-19 information. In reality, they’re phishing attempts to steal your browser data and logins. Make sure you are visiting trustworthy news and information websites in the coming months. Bookmark your favorites to ensure they’re legitimate.

We will never call you and ask for account information. If you receive an unsolicited call or text from our number that asks for your personal info or online banking login, email or password, that’s not us! The credit union will always ask you to call us directly at the number you know in order to help you with your account. No matter what the caller ID says, it’s not us if you’re asked for this sensitive information. Never share your password with anyone.

The government won’t ask for your sensitive data, either. Concerns over temporary social rules and the talk of economic assistance programs have given hackers many opportunities or giveaways, make sure they’re coming from a trustworthy place. In some cases, hackers will claim to be from a federal agency like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the state. If it doesn’t lead to a website ending in .gov, it’s not a federal or state website. Some local and municipal governments have different website standards, so make sure you’ve got the real deal in your bookmarks. When in doubt, give them a call.

Ultimately, the best policy for avoiding scams is simple – don’t open links in emails you weren’t expecting. If you have any questions about your account or credit union services, you can always give us a call directly at 319.398.5007 or visit our website.


Due to the risks to members and staff associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, as of March 19th, we are suspending service in our lobby until further notice. Our Drive-up will remain open and we are ready to serve you!

We continue to closely monitor this quickly developing situation. Please refer to this page for our latest updates and procedures.

We appreciate your patience and continued operation to ensure the safety of our members, staff, and families. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dear Member-Owners:

We are closely monitoring the quickly-evolving situation regarding COVID-19 to implement the most current safety protocols from the CDC and local government. We would like to update you on the available options for self-service financial transactions, and assure you that we are taking the appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of our members and staff.

We’re very fortunate to provide our members with many sophisticated electronic services to conduct their financial transactions. We strongly encourage all members to use these electronic services for self-service financial transactions, or to contact our office at 319-398-5007.

The following alternative or secure electronic services are available:

Monitoring Accounts and Activity

Transfer Funds

Get Cash

Deposit Money

Sign Documents

  • Docusign (ask for it with your next loan)

Get a Loan

Pay People or Companies

While we respect the uncertainties inherent in a Coronavirus outbreak, we believe we are well prepared to respond to the possible impact. Please continue to monitor this page for updated information. If you have specific questions about our efforts to minimize the potential impact to credit union operations, please contact us at 319-398-5007.


Please review our COVID-19 safety procedures before visiting the branch.