SHAZAM BOLT$ Helps Protect Debit Cardholders Against Fraud

When suspicious debit card activity occurs, nobody is better equipped to handle the case than you. After all, you know what you’ve purchased, and you can spot an illegitimate purchase instantly.  Now you can have the service you need to protect your accounts right on your smartphone or PC.  

  • SHAZAM BOLT$ is available on your PC! Simply visit and enter your full card number.
  • SHAZAM BOLT$ is also available on your mobile device.  Download the app to your Android or Apple device now!

Scroll down for instructions to download and setup SHAZAM BOLT$ on your smartphone or PC.

Not only does BOLT$ help you stay on top of your debit card account with balance information, but it enables you to turn-off your card in an instant if you suspect fraud.

You can also prevent fraud by setting-up card transaction alerts such as:

  • When a transaction is over a dollar amount set by you.
  • Fraud alerts on suspicious activity.
  • Any international transaction.
  • Mail, internet or phone transaction alerts.

How to Dowload & Setup SHAZAM BOLT$ to Your Smartphone:

1 – Download the app in your phone’s app store.  Click the links below, or search “SHAZAM BOLT” in your app store.

2 – Select “New Mobile Card Users”.

3 – Enter full debit card number.

4 – Verify the last four digits of your debit card number.

5 – Enter the debit card’s expiration month and year.

6 – Enter a 10 digit telephone number.  You will receive an automated call requesting you to enter the debit card’s four digit PIN number.

7 – Enter all the information requested to create your SHAZAM BOLT$ profile.

8 – Select “Done”.

Once your account is setup, on future visits simply click on the SHAZAM BOLT$ app and enter your username and password.


Review our SHAZAM BOLT$ User Guide (new window/tab) that provides instructions for:

  • Using the Temporary Card Block feature. With the quick tap of a button, this optional feature allows you to block or unblock your cards
  • Setting up Alerts based on transaction amounts or account activities
  • Using the ATM Locator feature to locate the closest ATM nationwide
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader (new window/tab)

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